Best boarding schools in England UK

Top boarding schools in England and Wales


Ardingly College – coeducational, boarding from the age of 13

Private day and boarding school for boys and girls 2-18 years old in Ardingly, West Sussex county. The school prepares for exams GCSE, A-level (taken by in average 63% of students) and IB (37%). In total, there are 416 students at the age from 13 to 18. On top of that, 520 children at the age from 2½ to 13  are at Ardingly College Preparatory school . The school is famous for extensive range of different sports played at school such as athletics, crosscountry, cricket, foorball, hockey, netball, rounders, swimming, tennis, squash, fencing as well as opportunities to play ragby, badminton, basketball, squba-diving, sailing, etc. In 2018 the exam results were IB exam average 38.5, A-level – 46% оценок A* и A. School fees (6th form): day – £23,610, boarding – £35,910 per annum. Boarding options are full or weekly. 

Badminton School – girls, boarding from the age of 9

Private day and boarding school for girls 3-18 years old. The school is located near Bristol. Among famous alumni are Indira Gandi, author Iris Murdock, actress Rosamund Pike and many others. There are around 450 girls at school. The senior schoolgirls have their own building. For extra-corricular activities girls have plenty of choice in arts, drama, music and sports. The school facilities include the 25-meter swimming pool, a sports pitch, tennis and netball courts, gimnasium and fitness-centre. For arts there is a separate building where girls can choose between sculpting, textiles, photographie, digital media, etc. School fees – £5,475 (day) and from £10,150 (senior boarding). 

Bedford School, Bedford – boys, boarding from the age 10

Day and boarding school for boys aged from 7 to 18 in Bedford, Bedfordshire county. The school was founded in 1552 and today is divided into Preparatory School (for boys 7-13 лет) and Upper School (13-18). In total, there about 1100 boys and almost a third of them are boarders. Famous alumni include one Nobel winner, 24 national rugby players, 7 olimpic golden medalists, etc. School has impressive facilities, which even include its own planetarium. For end-of-school exams there is a choice between IB and A level.

Bellerbys College – boys and girls, from the age of 16

Bellerbys College has three campuses – in Cambridge, London and Brighton. They all offer full boarding and accept boys and girls. Students come to Bellerbys from 120 different countries. 

Brighton College – coeducational, from the age of 13

Brighton College is a very popular boarding and day school for boys and girls aged 13-18. College is conveniently located at a walking distance from the sea and an hour drive from London. Brighton College yearly shows very impressive academic results and consistently get a place in the top 20 schools in the country. College is thought to be one of the sportiest and a lot of alumni later on perform for the national teams.

Caterham School – coeducational, from the age of 13 лет

Day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 11-18 in Caterham, Surrey county. School grounds count impressive 200 acres. As a result, the school can afford to organise over 18 different sports. There are 280 children in Preparatory School and 870 – in senior school (11-18). The school offers full and weekly boarding. International students can come to school at the age of 13 and 16. Admission is possible at other ages too, providing there are available places. 

Cardiff Sixth Form College – boys and girls, from 16 y o

College students annually produce impressive academic results and the school gets the highest places in league school tables. As all 6th form colleges children study here from the age of 16 and until 18-19 years old. College is located in Cardiff, Wales. Fees for 2018  – £17,000 per annum. 

Charterhouse School – boys, from 13 years old (starting from 2021 the school becomes fully coeducational)

The day and boarding school is in Surrey. Boys come here at the age of 13 and girls – at the age of 16. There are around 800 children today. When on 6th form the school’s students can choose to study Cambridge Pre-U or IB Diploma Programme. School gives plenty of opportunities for children to participate in various music, drama and art activities. Main sports in Charterhouse are football, cricket and hockey, in which every student must take part. Also, there are facilties to do badminton, basketball, cross-country, golf, fencing, karate, rowing, sailing, squash, swimming, tennis, water polo, etc 

Cheltenham Ladies’ College – girls, from 11 y o

A very popular school for girls aged 11-18 in Gloucestershire county. School girls can choose between programs A-level or IB. Whilst providing strong academic environment the school offers over 30 sports and more than 100 extra-curricular clubs. Girls come to Cheltenham at the age of 11, 12, 13 and 16 years. Every year in September 160 new girls start school. In total, there are 850 students and 600 staff. The main intake is at 11, when school admits 70 girls every year.  

City of London Freemen’s School – coeducational

Freemen’s is a Surrey-based day and boarding school for children from 7 to 18 years old. The school is a part of the City of London family of schools, which also includes City of London for boys and City of London for Girls Schools. 

Concord College – coeducational, from 13 y o

Day and boarding school for children from 13 years old, located in Shropshire. The school has every right to be proud of its academic success. In 2018 the students achieved 36.35% A*s and 81.11% A* and A. The students destinations include the most prestigious UK universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Imperial college, UCL. etc.   

D’Overbroeck’s – coeducational

This Oxfordshire day and boarding school is for boys and girls from the age of 11 till 18. There is a separate school buiding for younger children too (7-11 years old) as well as sixth form. Sixth Form is a place to study for 250 boys and girls, 50% of which are boarders. The majority of students are UK citizens but there are a lot of international students too, currently from 30 different countries.

Dulwich College – boys

School for day students and boarders in south-east London. Boys come to school at the age of 7, 8, 9, 11, 13 and 16 years. School grounds covering 70 acres include extensive sports facilities, with 2 full astro-turf fields, one of them lit, 300-meter athletic lane with synthetic cover, 12 rugby fields, 10 football pitches, 8 cricket fields, 3 tennis courts. Additionally, inside there is a big gymnasium and 8 courts for badminton, fitness-centre, 25-meter swimming pool with 6 lanes. For those children interested in arts school has 7 fully equipped studios, including ceramic studio, 3 print-presses and art-library. For boys passionate about drama the school holds three annual theatre festivals with 24 staged performances. 

Epsom College – мальчики и девочки

Boys and girls can study at this day and boarding school in Epsom town in Surrey from the age of 11 and until they are 18. Today there are about 800 children. School offers an impressive plentitude of sports such as rugby, football, cricket, tennis, athletics,etc – for boys and hockey, netball, foorball, rounders, etc – for girls. 

Eton College – boys 13-18

One of the most prestigious boarding schools in the world Eton College admits boys at the age of 13. Located on the opposite side of the river from Windsor in Berkshire county, the school was founded in 1440. Today 1300 students study there. In order to be admitted to the school boys need to be registered when they turn 10,5 years old. From 2020 года the school is changing its system and the documents will need to be submitted until 30th of June of Year 5 by British educational system. In order to get admitted boys are required to successfully pass computerised test, exams and interview.
Harrow School – boys from 13-18

Another elite boarding school for boys in the UK. 800 boys study in this the north-west London school. Harrow can boast a brilliant array of famous alumni including Winston Churchill, Javaharlal Neru and many other British and Indian prime-ministers as well as members of European royal families. 

Headington School – girls, boarding from the age of 12 

Girls-only school in Headington, Oxfordshire admits students from 3 to 18 years old. There are day and boarding options (for girls 12 and older). Headington was founded in 1915 and from 2009 the school also offers studying for IB program as well as traditional A levels. Boarding options include full, flexible and weekly boarding. 

Kimbolton School, Huntingdon – coeducational, boarding from 11 y o

This Cambridgeshire school for boys and girls provides a perfect environment for about 950 children. Boarding is possible from the age of 11. Main sports include football, hockey, netball, tennis, rounders and cricket. The school has impressive sports facilities such modern-day fully equipped gymnasium, tennis courts, 25-meters swimming pool, etc The school was founded in 1600.

Marlborough College

Prestigious day and boarding school for boys and girls at the age of 13-18 years old in Wiltshire county.

Malvern St James Girls’ School, Great Malvern – girls-only

This Worcestershire school for girls was founded in 1893. The school is conveniently located near rail station Great Malvern. There are three main parts – Prep Department for girls 4–11 y o, Senior School (11–16 y o) and Sixth Form. 

Mayfield School, Mayfield – girls

Private catholic school for girls aged 11-18 in East Sussex. 60 km from London. The school is a home for 400 girls. 

Moreton Hall, Oswestry

Day and boarding school for girls from 3 to 18 years old, North Shropshire. 

Oundle School – coeducational

This boarding school in Northamptonshire admits boys and girls at the age of 11 year and until 18. There are about 800 boarders and 200 children on the daily education. Oundle is considered the third biggest boarding school in England. 

Queen Ethelburga’s College boys and girls, boarding from the age of 5 years

The leading private school in England, offering day and boarding options for boys and girls from the age of 3 months until 19 years. Boarding is possible from the age of 5 (Year 1). The school is in North Yorkshire and has extensive facilities, one of the best in the UK. It provides an excellent academic environment too.  

Queenswood, Hatfield

Girls from the age of 11 to 18 years can come to board to this school, located in Hatfield town, Hertfordshire county.

Roedean School, Brighton – girls-only

The East Sussex day and boarding girls-only school for students aged of 11-18 years has excellent facilties, inlcuding dance hall, music studios, its own theatre for 320 places, heated swimming pool inside, golf-field, its own tunnel to get down to the sea, farm, chapel as well as numerous sports fields, scientific laboratories, etc. The total grounds are covering 118 acres.

The Royal High School Bath GDST, Bath

Day and boarding school for girls from 3 to 18 years old, Bath, Somerset 

Rugby School – coeducational, from the age of 13 years

Rugby is a day and boarding school for boys and girls. There are 77 boys and 64 girls on day option and 369 boys and 296 girls boarding. Famous alumni include Neville Chamberlain (UK ex prime-minister), Lewis Caroll (the author of Alice in the Wonderland), Salman Rushdi, etc 

Ruthin School – coeducational

One of the oldest UK schools with 700 years of history Ruthin admits boys and girls from the age of 11 years. The school is within an hour of drive from Manchester airport. 

Sevenoaks School – boys and girls, boarding from 13 years old

A prestigious co-educational school for children 11-18 years old. Sevenoaks is the first UK school that started offering IB programs. The school is in Kent county and its grounds cover 100 acres. Over 1040 students from 40 countries study here every year. A third of students are boarders, the rest are on day form of education. At 6th form boarders account for half of all sixth formers. 

St Catherine’s School, Guildford – girls-only

This boarding school for girls opened in the 19th century. Today there are 900 schoolgirls, 150 of which are boarders. The school is at 5 km from Guildford town in Surrey county. 

St Clare’s, Oxford – boys and girls, from the age of 16 years

6th form coeducational college совместного обучения with day and boarding options, Oxfordshire

St John’s School, Leatherhead – boys and girls

This surrey school for boys and girls from 11 to 18 years is near Leatherhead town. School grounds cover 50 acres. It is very easy to get here from both major UK airports Gatwick and Heathrow. The school was founded in 19th century and today there are 950 students. 

St Mary’s School Ascot – girls, from 11 years

St Mary’s School in Ascot is a catholic girls-only school with day and boarding options. Girls can enter the school at the age of 11, 13 or 16 years – in total – 65 new schoolgirls start every year. 

St Mary’s School (Snr) – girls, from 13 years

St Mary’s School – day and boarding school for girls. There is a Prep School tooSt Margaret’s School (Prep) – for those younger than 13 years old. The school is very proud of impressive facilties including 25-meter swimming pool with 6 lanes, gymnasium and dance studios, 24 tennis courts, 8 netball courts, etc. For those passionate about music there is a 4-story separate building housing everything a music child may ever wish for. 

St Paul’s School – boys, boarding from the age of 13 years

One of the leading schools in London and England St Paul’s School is a school for boys from the age of 7 years (St Paul’s Junior, 7-13 years old) and until 18. The majority of schoolboys here are day students. However, the school can board up to 35 students annually. There are options for full, weekly (from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon) and flexible boarding that will allow day boys board for a few days or weeks, if his parents are, for example, away. Boys can be admitted to the school at the age of 7,8, 11, 13 and 16 years but boarding is only possible from 13.

St Swithun’s School – girls

This girls-only school with day and boarding options are for girls as little as 3 years old. Girls-boarders can choose between weekly and full options. The school is in a very picturesque place near Winchester town in Hampshire. It takes about 50 minutes on train to get here from Central London, which is a perfect opportunity to combine a rural environment and remain not too far from home. The school organises a cab to London for boarders on Friday, which stops at Richmond and Kensington. The same way girls can return to school on Sunday evening. A third of all boarders are on full boarding. Girls come to St Swithun’s from over 16 countries. 

The King’s School – boys and girls, boarding from 13 

This boarding school is for boys and girls aged 13 to 18. There is a Junior school too for children from 3 to 13 – Kings Junior School. Boarding option is for those 13 and older and majority of students are on day education. King’s school is thought to be the oldest continuously opened school in the world and it was founded in the 6th century. Today there are 800 students in the senior school and about 400 in the junior one. King’s School is very proud of its facilties, which allow it to have PE lessons three times a week as well as on Saturday. Children from King’s can choose from a great number of options of different sports available and many of them play for national teams (fencing, hockey, rowing, rugby and so on). But sports at King’s is not all that is offered – for those interested in music there are 6 choirs, 3 orchestras, several wind bands and rock and jazz groups.

Tonbridge School – boys, from 13 

800 boys at the age from 13 to 18 study at Tonbridge School. This school is located on 150 acres at the edge of Tonbridge town in Kent county. Annualy 145 new boys come to study here, 80 of them are boarders. The school was founded in the middle of 16th century. 

Warwick School – boys

This is the oldest boys-only school in Great Britain. The main entering points are at the age of 11, 12, 13 and 16 years. Today there are about 990 schoolboys at the age of 11-18 years and 256 – at the age of 7-11. Last years were the years of serious investments in the facilities and now there is a separate building housing IT department, a library, science rooms, sports pavilion and school’s own theatre for 300 people, which was opened by famous British actress Judy Dench.

Wellington College – boys and girls from 13 
The elite Wellington College is a co-educational school with day and boarding options located in Crowthorne town in Berkshire on 400 acres. The college is famous with its sports achievements, especially in rugby. Sports facilities include 16 football and rugby fields, up-to-date gymnasium, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, 22 tennis courts, 9 cricket fields, 2 lacross fields, 8 netball courts, fitness-centre, dance studio, basketball, volleyball, badminton and squash courts, shooting grounds and golf field. There is a school’s own TV channel about school life, completely managed and edited by students. As for academics, the students can choose between A-level and IB.
Westminster School – boys, (girls from 16 years old)
Super prestigious Westminster School has a small boarding campus. The school is in enviable Central London location, which gives an opportunity to take advantage of everything London has to offer in culture and recreation.
Whitgift School – boys from 10 years old
This South Croydon school is boys from the age of 10-18 лет. The school grounds cover 45 acres. In Year 7 boys can choose three languages out of French, Spanish, German, Latin, Japanese or Mandarin. In Year 9 they can continue with one of those only, but also have an option of adding Italian or ancient Greek. From 2005 Whitgift introduced an option of studying for International Baccalaureate exam as an alternative to traditional A-Levels. Whitgift’s sports centre is regularly used for national competitions. In 2012 it was even used by Olimpics teams. Whitgift is the only British school becoming national champions in four main team sports – cricket, hockey, football and rugby. 


Winchester College – boys

This famous Hampshire boarding school prefers the school’s own examination system to Common entrance. The school grounds cover 250 acres and there are 52 play fields and 11 acres of gardens. Winchester College also owns another 400 acres nearby, that include the school’s own golf field.

Wycombe Abbey School – girls from 11 years old

One of the most academic British schools for girls is located in the Buckinghamshire county at 45 km from London.