GCSEs results for top schools in London and near London

Top London schools based on GCSE results 2018

GCSEs are British exams, which schools students sit at the age of 14-16 before they move to the Sixth Form stage of secondary education. Click here to find out more about GCSEs.

top London schools - GCSEs

GCSEs are important for children who wish to continue their studies at school and prepare for A-level exams (or their alternative International Baccalaureate). Some schools won’t accept students whose GCSE exam marks fall below the required minimum such as mark C (GCSEs old marking system) or 5-6 (GCSE new marking system). Some highly academic and prestigious schools may require only grades A and A* (old system) or 7-9 (new marking system) in order for their current students to continue studies in these schools. These schools would often admit new students with at least 5-6 or all GCSEs marked A*/A only.

It is debatable whether GCSEs are important for university admission. Some British universities would say that it is important especially in the context of a student’s school – the more academically-driven a school is, (for example, those listed below) the higher will be expectations from students with regards to their GCSE marks. At the same time UK universities would continue by saying that A-levels (or IB) bear much more importance and first and foremost they are looking at them with GCSEs playing a very minor role indeed.

Below is the list of London schools whose students achieved highest marks in their GCSEs in 2018. The list is divided into three parts – all-girls schools, all-boys schools and co-educational schools.

Best girls-only schools in London – GCSE results 2018

Best boys-only schools – GCSEs results 2018 

Best coeducational schools – GCSEs 2018